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Paved the way for 30% decarbonization by 2030

Metal Mining, Energy & Decarbonization

I led a team of front- and back-end developers to deliver an ESG reporting dashboard thatprovides insights into the client’s commodity consumption and the resulting emissions.

I developed and automated Accounting metrics and spearheaded the data discovery effort by researching and building a map of data sources, granularity, transformation, and output required.

Thes etransformations converted commodity consumption into carbon dioxide equivalent quantities using Global Warming Potential and conversion factors in accordance with GHG Global Protocol.

I took charge of developing the data architectureand pipeline needed to support these transformations and accommodate Accounting requirements.

I validated that the new metrics were accurately calculated and properly displayed on the front end.

Developed environmental, social, and corporate governance reporting dashboard, developed Data Architecture
and Pipeline


30% decarbonization by 2030

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