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Ran all Discovery & Documentation for CRM Refresh, saving Client $325k+ annually

Global Commercial Data Provider, Back Office Simplification

I directed multiple workstreams consisting of data engineers, ETL developers, and MDM developers using agile methodology to drive development from design to implementation.

I coordinated with account leadership to prioritize the onboarding of resources required to build out the data and development teams. 

I collaborated with integration and CRM workstream leads to ensure data synchronization across 10+ systems and achieve an annual savings of $325k.

I established data governance framework that detailed the responsibilities of stewardship council and data quality standards. 

I orchestrated a series of client-facing workshops that fostered positive working relationships and established a deep understanding of their current state CRM technology, process challenges, and solution requirements.

I created and distributed a project assessment summarizing workshop findings with illustrative use cases, a clear line-of-sight into project timeline, strategy, and objectives, and a cost-benefit analysis of future-state solutions.

I developed a data profile for four customer domain Salesforce tables that captured metadata, criticality, and taxonomy and set a baseline for data quality.

Agile Methodology, Establishing Data Governance Framework, Salesforce Data Profile Development

Directed Workstreams, Orchestrated Client Workshops

$325,000+ annual savings for Client

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